Happy Halloween!!!



Happy All Hallows Eve to everyone!!! Don’t let the zombies and ghouls get you!!!
UPDATE: In accordance with the wishes of my wife (see the comment section) I give you our sinister Halloween plans. In the past two years I’ve never had a single child come to the apartment on Halloween. Last year we picked up a box of chocolate bars, just to end up eating them ourselves (which is not a good thing). This year we didn’t pick up anything. We have candy in the house which if required we can give out. One of these candies are the “durian” flavoured candies. Firda thinks it would be a fun “trick” to give those out to kids. For those who don’t know about Durian fruit check out this entry and you’ll understand why it’s such a trick. We would also give them some good candies to go along with the crappy candy 🙂 I don’t know if we will do this. Seems kind of mean.

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  1. Firda

    You should blog about our evil plan with all the durian candies a.k.a. ‘a trick in a treat’!