Happy Homeowners

So the day was yesterday! We got the keys to our house! We moved a large amount of stuff over (two van loads) with a couple more loads to go and the big stuff on Saturday. We stayed at the house last night. It was nice and quiet – no bass from downstairs, no stomping from upstairs, no death metal from across the hall. Pure bliss.
Firda is at home right now painting – or getting ready to paint. I am about to head home from work for lunch. My first lunch at home in our new home.
I should get going!

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  1. Congratulations again, and even though moving is hard, have fun! 🙂

  2. Handy Solo

    Congrats! now you need garden gnomes!

  3. You can borrow Lily and set her in the garden…

  4. Thanks everyone! This is the first time we’ve had access to the net since Monday! (well Tuesday for me since I worked on Tuesday). The home is good. The packing isn’t yet done – hopefully our gang of movers don’t mind helping a little 🙂 There isn’t much left. 20 some boxes left back at the apartment.
    Painting sucks a lot. Firda is touching up the last room. She just noticed something wrong with it. Four rooms in four days, along with a couple of trips to Waterloo. We didn’t go to Waterloo today. Needed to make sure the rooms are ready for furniture and boxes and such. Too many books! Too many cameras! Too many plants! Too many CDs! Too many DVDs! Too much junk 🙂
    Alright. That’s enough with the stream of thought posting. I’m so tired!