Herbie the Love Bug



While I was drive this afternoon I saw the coolest thing. A new VW bug painted and decaled to look like Herbie the Love Bug. If there is anything cooler (or at least more nostalgic) I haven’t seen it.
Update: I found a picture of one on this page. Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page – right underneath the cartoon. Sweet!

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  1. Firda

    Ah, Herbie. My fascination with VW Beetle began the day I watched a Herbie film on video many, many years ago when I was a wee little girl. The new VW Beetle is my dream car! 🙂

  2. GoalieGirl

    Wow, that’s so cool! I always thought that if I ever got a Bug (which I probably wouldn’t but that’s beside the point) I’d have it made to look like Herbie. 🙂