Ho hum, Technology.

The network drive is down at work. I was just going to write “you never know how much you rely on technology until it’s gone” but then stop because I really do understand how reliant on technology we are. This can be explained in one simple example. Have you ever wracked your brain for some stupid inane fact (like the name of an actor in a movie, or who sang a specific song) but you just can’t remember it? You know that it is hidden away in your mind but for some reason it doesn’t want to come out. What do you do we that happens? You run to the internet and load up the Internet Movie Database or AllMusic.com or any other reference site. You find what you are looking for so you can be at ease. At those times you realize that technology is no longer just a tool. It is an extension of our mind and our body.
So the next time someone asks you if you realize how reliant you are on technology, you can tell them “yes, I already knew that”.

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  1. Laura

    This is how reliant on technology I am-looking up the lyrics to “Do your balls hang low”, because we couldn’t remember the middle part.
    Thank God the internet is now on the computer!