Holy Exploding Superloos, Batman!

As I suspected during my trip to Scotland last summer. Superloos aren’t all that super. Especially when they explode all over the place. According to the news article “A so-called ‘superloo’ exploded in a town centre when an electrical fault caused water to surge back into the toilet, blowing off its roof and lifting the pavement.” Luckily no one was in the superloo at the time the explosion occured. If they were I’d imagine they would have been treated to one hell of a water enema!
[This article was brought to my attention by the London News Review forum]

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  1. “This could have been quite distressing if not dangerous if someone had been in there…”
    I love the understatement.

  2. Just the name “superloo” would be enough to deter me. Some things should simply be available for their intended purposes… What should ever be super about a public washroom?! Now that I know about their potential to have things go horribly wrong, I think I’ll steer clear. I have never felt the need for an atomic enema…