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I’m at home today. I caught something on Saturday. It started with a sore throat, which came on around 6 or 7 that night and progressed into a really sore throat that night. It died down to a rather sore throat on Sunday and not it’s more or less gone. At this point I’m just coughy and stuffy. I’m thinking about grabbing some Dayquil and “disillusioning” myself to believe I’m not sick. That is all cold medicine does. Makes you think your not sick, while the cold germs and antibodies fight it out in the background.
It’s also snowing like crazy outside right now. When I got up at 6:50 am (which is the time I get up for work) I looked out the window and there was nothing on the ground. Then I wake up at 10:30 and the whole world is white. It is the time of the year for snow. Alas alack. At least I don’t have to drive in it today.
I’m also debating on whether I should study today. My head feels like it wouldn’t be able to handle any extra information but I have to cram all of the stuff I’m suppose to know into it by Saturday morning. I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll take today off and then jam like crazy the next couple of days. I was thinking about taking Friday off but since I’m taking today off due to the cold I don’t think I can do that, since there is a bunch of stuff I need to do at work.
Alright. Back to either laying down or doing something mindless (like video games or TV).

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  1. wren

    take it easy today and stop thinking so much.

  2. Kirsi

    I hope you feel better soon! Take it easy and get lots of rest!

  3. sharon

    i hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  4. Troy

    Thanks everyone. I’m feeling better now. Back to work tomorrow and back to studying tomorrow night. Boo!! 🙂