I Heart Wii

Firda and I just spent a lovely afternoon with Rannie of Photojunkie dot ca and Jay of JaySchneider dot ca taking pictures and trying out the wonders of the Nintendo Wii. The weather was semi-cooperating (meaning it wasn’t super cold, but there was light snow fall) when Rannie and Jay arrived. We headed out to some of our local Waterloo haunts – the Abraham Erb Grist Mill, the Perimeter Institute and the Seagram Lofts, before jumping into the car and heading out to West Montrose for the famous covered bridge.
We headed back to St. Jacobs to catch a later lunch at the Stone Crock (with a kick-ass buffet, though we were saddened that desert was not included in the buffet price). Then stopped to check out some of the stores at the St. Jacobs outlet mall (on the insistence of Rannie who wanted to check out the Lego store).
Back at the apartment the Wii was set up in minutes and the gaming began. Firda and I both made out Mii avatars, then Rannie started up the gaming. Wii Sports was first. All of the games are great – though boxing is a crazy amount of tiring. Rayman Raving Rabbids was second – with the crazy mini-games and the sweet animated cartoons plus annoying little rabbits that pop out and block your view while you are trying to skip rope!! Wii Play was third – with a couple of simple, but fun little games. Then the insanity known as WarioWare: Smooth Moves – where the key to the game is holding your controller properly and not asking “what should I do” but intuitively knowing what to do. Lastly we plays a little Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, which requires significantly more patience and perseverance to play, though is still a crazy party game.
I’d like to thank Rannie and Jay for coming all the way from Toronto for a special Waterloo edition of Wii Wednesday (on Saturday). Now Firda and I just have to find a Wii before we go into withdrawl!!!

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  1. i want to meet people from the internet too!

  2. Heh heh. Come to Canada and you can meet Firda and I 🙂