I’m Boring!

So I’m boring. That’s the reason my blog is being neglected. I also blame Twitter and Facebook for the lack of posts – 120+ letter is a lot easier than using my limit brain power to write something that is interesting.
I don’t have much to say. I’ll post this as a nicely laid out post with definite seperations between my thoughts.
What have we been up to?
In the last couple of week we’ve:
a) Spent the Victoria Day long weekend at the cottage with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and niece.
b) Celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.
c) Taken pictures of a friends asparagus/corn/pumpkin farm (for the farms website).
d) Celebrated a friends 45th birthday – with live music, food and amazing friends.
e) Celebrated the achievements of a friend 10 years after an accident that put him in a wheelchair.
f) Watched my Grandmother go up for a flight in a WWII two-seater airplane.
g) Played copious amounts of board games with our friends Joe [and occasionally Matt]. Would anyone be interested in a post about the board games we play?
How do we spend our week nights?
Well we’ve put a couple of flower beds in the backyard and Firda has been planting flowers, shrubs, trees etc. to fill out the backyard. It looks a tonne better than it did a year ago – I even thing the grass is covering up some of the bald patches.
I’ve also been playing the Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion on the PS3. A big mistake since I know it will take over 100 hours to complete (since I like playing around in these big sandbox environments). Time I could spend doing other stuff.
And now that the main TV Season is complete we’ve been catching up on missed shows – last month we watched all 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica (including Miniseries, webisodes, and the pilot of Caprica). Currently I’m 5/12th of the way through True Blood Season 1.
And as always I typically have a couple of books on the go. Up to this point I’ve read 49 books since Jan 1, 2009. Though as you will notice most of the books are graphic novels – which are a very underappreciated form of literature. Did I ever tell you that our public library has a graphic novel section! It rocks!
What’s coming up in the future?
This weekend we are hanging out with friends in Guelph at a Bar-B-Q, then going down to my parents on Sunday for Father’s Day.
Next week we are going to see MacBeth at the Stratford Festival. This will be Firda’s second play at the festival.
In mid July we are having a 90th birthday party for our house (and out almost 1st year in it). It’s basically an excuse to have a summer Bar-B-Q with friends.
We also have an anniversary party for one of my aunt and uncles in mid July.
Early August we are having the annual cottage weekend with friends (which is always fun and tiring all at the same time).
In August we have been invited to go camping in “yurts” with friends from Toronto. Looking forward to that – though I haven’t been camping in ages!
And that is pretty much our lives in a nutshell. Not too boring really?!
Hopefully I can find the willpower to update this thing more often! If not have a great summer and see you in the Fall 🙂

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  1. it sounds like a pretty good life. i can’t believe you 2 have been married for 4 wonderful years! how amazing! i’m in awe of both of you! congratulations!!!!!

  2. sent you an email with the new pw