It’s Started

A couple of minutes ago the Americans declared war. Not much is happening in Baghdad at this moment. It’s bound to get messy soon.

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  1. Am

    Sigh. What do you feel about the situation thus far?

  2. I don’t know. I would prefer if this wasn’t happening but since it is I can only hope that it will be a short war.

  3. Am

    *fingers crossed*

  4. nikki

    what is the canadian concensus on our war??

  5. I think the concensus is that the war shouldn’t be proceeding as it is. Bush shouldn’t have went in without the backing of the U.N. Our official stance (according to the Prime Minister) is that the time for debate is over and though we aren’t going to get involved (fighting wise) we will support the alliance (or whatever the American, British etc. alliance is called) any way we can. We will probably also offer to help in rebuilding Iraq after this war is done.