Japanese English

Engrish is apparently what you get when you combine English words with Japanese syntax. The whole site is hillarious. From what I understand there is an ongoing push for people, who speak English as their first language, to go over to Japan and correct their grammatical and spelling mistakes. I imagine mostly for the image the country portrays to the Western world.

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  1. LMAO… I can’t help laffing.. It’s so funny.. I’m gonna blog about it too!!! aarrrggghhh

  2. *ROTFL* Damn funny website!

  3. That is an excellent website….
    Don’t have time to look at them all this morning, but so far the “Emergency Trap” (Rather than Exit) made me laugh the hardest.
    I know that I am often looking for a spike pit or bottomless pit in the event of fire…

  4. I love that Engrish site. You are the king.
    Have you ever seen the official Ninja webpage? Webpages that were made when the internet was still fun RULE. Check the link.

  5. Send me the link Smelder and I will peruse this Ninja webpage. I think I may have seen it but everything is better the second time 🙂

  6. Troy
    The link was hiding under my name.. because I couldn’t get it to display as hyperlink’d in this here text box. How do you do put links into these new-fangled MT text boxes, anyway?
    For now, the Ninja link resides under my name…

  7. I see 🙂 Ummm. I’m not really sure how to insert links into the box. You can probably do it the way I do it in the main blog page. Just take a look at the page source and you should be able to figure it out.

  8. Hmmm.
    Good call. For future reference, you do nothing special. Straight html. I was making it WAY too difficult for myself.

  9. The only bad thing is that it opens in the comment window which can’t be resized. I should figure out how to open links in new windows. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

  10. Testing
    Add target=”_blank” to the html for the url.
    a href=”http://www.zdnet.com” target=”_blank”
    (With the enclosures of course…)
    This should pop it up in a new window.

  11. Else you just right click on the link and ‘open in new window’.

  12. You can try to insert a <base target=”_blank”> in your <HEAD> section of your HTML, and it will ALWAYS popup new windows everywhere.. Dump it in your comment template..
    But use it with caution…

  13. I think I will just leave it the way it is and people can rightclick and “Open New Window” if they want. I usually do that.

  14. I think I will just leave it the way it is and people can rightclick and “Open New Window” if they want. I usually do that.

  15. this 1 time @ band camp………………………
    i went to da canteen n bought a lollypop but they charged me $70.00! so i sued them n my lawyers name was kylie.