I spent a couple of days this week in Kentucky on business. I had a little bit of time on Wednesday to do a little bit of driving (mostly in the small town I was working). It was also my second time flying with Northwest Airlines. A couple of comments from my trip:
– I’m not too fond of Northwest Airlines (but they do fly from the Kitchener Airport which is 20 minutes from my house and quite small). The two stage flight (Kitchener to Detroit then Detroit to Louisville) on the way down was kind of sucky. Especially since I sat beside an ass on the way to Louisville. He played his iPod way to loud (and it sounded like he was listening to Korn or one of those horrible crap metal style bands), his left leg took about 25% of my leg space (which I eventually mostly gained back by edging him into his space), he had to be told repeatedly to shut down his electronic devices, and he smelt like he had been drinking for hours. Lots of fun.
– the flights down were also delayed by a little – though I can’t blame NWA, I only blame the weather.
– it rained like crazy in Kentucky most of Wednesday. I guess there were flood warnings all over the state. It stopped by 8:00 when I went out for food.
– Americans – your DVDs, CDs and video games are no cheaper than they are in Canada. Actually every single game I looked at was the same price or higher. I feel for you. Though you do have a better selection of cheap DVDs at Walmart and Target than we do in Canada (we don’t have Targets in Canada – yet).
– I’m not very fond of the Kentucky accent when it is coming from the mouth of a middle aged woman who is loudly professing her love of NASCAR while I am trying to eat dinner. Also I don’t like it when it comes from slimy looking men either. Don’t get me wrong – I like the Southern Accent – it just doesn’t work for everyone.
– the flight back to Kitchener were much nicer. The planes left on time. I was worried since I had 45 minutes to make my connecting flight back to Kitchener. It ended up that I had close to an hour to make the connection. I’m glad we weren’t late.
– the landing in Kitchener was pretty crazy. The wind was pretty strong so the plane was being thrown around and made me a little queasy. The fact that we were on a small TurboProp plane magnified this. I was queasy for hours after the landing – though I compliment the pilot is landing the plane.
– On the flight back to Kitchener I was sitting close to 3 Floridians. They saw me stowing my winter coat and ask if I was expecting it to be cold in Kitchener. I told them that I had talked with my wife and it had been snowing since earlier that morning. The lady then said that they didn’t bring their jackets because it was the Spring. I mentioned that in Ontario “Spring” doesn’t mean it’s warm. We are predicting another 6 weeks of this crappy weather. I hope the people they are visiting have extra coats. Silly Floridians.
That’s all I can think of for now. I was happy to finally get home – I wasn’t happy about it being sunny in Louisville and Detroit but being snowy and overcast in Kitchener, but that’s Kitchener for you 🙂

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    ken-tucky. yee-haw!
    if you ever come to ohio, let me know!