Kharmic Justice

Have you ever had one of those moments where a persons misery makes you happy? Well last Friday I had one of those moments. Though don’t judge me until you’ve read the story.
I was driving to visit a client north of Waterloo. Along the way a bunch of cars got stuck behind a transport truck. The truck wasn’t moving slow (since we were all doing between 90 to 100 kph [kilometers per hour] on a 80 kph road). As always I left two or three car lengths between my car and the car in front of me. Sadly the jerk-ass behind me didn’t give me the same courtesy and tailgated me for several kilometers.
Eventually there was an opening in on-coming traffic and he flew past me, several more cars and the transport truck. I figure he was likely doing 120 to 130 kph. At the point that he was flying by me I wished that he would be pulled over by the police for speeding, since there is no reason he should be going that fast – especially when we were all driving over the speed limit already.
To my happiness a couple of minutes later we saw a police car in the incoming traffic pull over the side of the road, pull a u-turn, pass all of us, and pull over the jerk-ass who had been behind me. The level of happiness I felt knowing that someone who was driving like an ass actually got pulled over was tremendous. I felt that kharmic justice had been served and I didn’t feel sorry for the guy.
Have you ever had an experience like this?

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  1. hahahha. I was laughing when I read the last paragraph. Serves him right!!
    I once had an accident because some idiot was tailgating me and rammed my car when I stopped at the light. I was mighty pissed!