Kill Bill

Posting posting! I’ve got a posting! Tuesday night I jumped on the Quentin Tarantino band wagon and saw his newest movie Kill Bill. Like most blog reviews I’ve read I really enjoyed it. The plot is interesting and is done up almost like a 1970’s action show with the scoring and even in the layout of the scenes. The violence in this movie is gratutious but at the same time quite comical. The whole movie is presented as a full-action anime and for anyone who has watched an anime you’ll know that the violence portrayed in those cartoons can be quite excessive as well. The movie was full of great eye candy – from the set design to the actresses (have I ever told you how much I like Lucy Liu?). The only problem I have with the movie is I have to wait several months to see the conclusion to it!!!!! I will wait. Patiently.
In totally unrelated news I heard a girl use the phrase “Get out of town!” earlier this morning. I didn’t know that phrase existed outside of valley girl movies 🙂

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  1. Firda

    My old American boss used to say “get out of town” all the time. He was from California.