Kung-Fu Hustle

Went out to the movies last night with Firda and Joe (a friend from back home who came up to Waterloo for the day). We decided to go see “Kung-Fu Hustle” which I had heard very little about, other than that it was a comedic send-up of Kung-Fu movies.
It was hillarious. If you find any enjoyment in martial arts movies you should go and see this. It has great action scenes, humourous moments and there is even a plot. The plot isn’t the greatest or most innovative but in most Kung-Fu movies it secondary to the fight scenes, which are fantastic to watch. As expected the fighting has a fantasy element thrown in with it, where the characters do things that aren’t humanly possible, but for me that was the coolest part. It was like watching a superhero Kung-Fu movie.
Go out and see it. It’s was definitely worth the 10 dollars to see it in the theatre. Now I should sit down and watch my copy of Shaolin Soccer, which is from the same director.

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  1. Shaolin Soccer was pretty funny! Steven Chow has been around for a while. All of his stuff is fantastic!