La Linea

For those of you not from Ontario, we have an Ontario government owned television station, called TVO (TV Ontario). When I was younger (in the single digits) I watched a fair amount of TVO, especially shows like Today’s Special, A Bear Called Jeremy, The Raccoons, The Barbapapas and Doctor Snuggles. It was a glorious station, except on Sundays. On Sunday TVO became TFO (the french version of TVO). I hated it. Sunday was already boring enough, but now it was boring with nothing to watch!
Though suprisingly I would occasionally watch it. I never learnt anything from my time listening to the french babble on, but I do remember catching a couple funny shows that didn’t require an understanding of the language. One of those shows was called “La Linea”, which told the story of a line figure who was totured by the “drawer”. Thanks to for point out a site where we can now watch all of the episodes. So very cool!

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  1. sharon

    you know, I always thought that sunday’s tv programming is only bad in singapore but it’s apparently a problem all around the world! If they are not going to show normal tv on Sundays, at least they should just have re-runs of shows we missed on weeknights!

  2. I remember watching La Linea! But I liked the Barbapapas better. 🙂