Langley School Music Project

Speaking of school children (or younger children) check out the Langley School Music Project. The recordings were made at a public school in Western Canada from 1976 and 1977. The songs are hits of the 70’s ranging from Neil Diamond to David Bowie. There are a couple of samples on the linked site.
The music is kind of creepy. I think it is the fact that it was taped in a school gym. Some of the songs are pretty good and the CD is getting rave reviews from magazines and public access radio stations all across the country. Interesting stuff. Smelder has been known to play it ocassionally on his radio show “Music to Strip By” at 11pm EST on alternating Saturdays on CKMS (the University of Waterloo radio station). If your ever bored on Saturday night you can listen to his show on the live webcast. His show is on this weekend and if he is nice enough I may join him for the tomfoolery that is bound to occur.
*** The show won’t be on this week (as Smelder stated in the comments section) but will return three Saturdays hence (March 16th Canadian Time)

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  1. smelder

    I’m not going to be doing the show this weekend… I’m heading to Toronto to see Royal City and The Constantines on Saturday night. And I haven’t seen some of the Toronto kids since New Year’s, so it’ll be a good visit. I’ll be on the air again in three weeks – Saturday, March 16th, if you’re around, you know where it’s at.