Lazy Blogger – Lazy Homeowner

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything here (almost two months). I really should do something about that. So here is what has happened in my and Firda’s life in the two months:
– the house is looking more like a proper home. We traded in (i.e. gave back to my parents) our ratty old love seat and bought a sleeper sofa. I’m slowly moving the books from downstairs to the upstairs bookshelves. We still have a crapload of boxes in the spare-spare room (upstairs) and the basement is still carpeted with boxes but the main living areas are nice.
– we had a house warming party with a couple of our friends. It was a nice little Bar-B-Q housewarming. It was a good day. The temperature was just right, the food was great and the company was enjoyable. We even had people spend the night which was nice.
– we’ve explored the town a little more and found a great bookstore and some good (cheap) restaurants. Stratford is feeling more like home, which reminds me that I should change my “About” page sometime soon.
– I’ve been getting us to driving a little further to get to places, though it’s not as bad as I thought. I can reach Toronto in about an hour and a half (the western fringes). London is only 30 to 45 minutes away. Kitchener is 30 minutes away. We aren’t too far away from all the stuff and places we like to do.
– living so close to work is amazing and I save so much money on gas.
– we spent the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend at our cottage with my parents, brother and sister-in-law (who is very pregnant). The weather was amazingly nice. High teens to low 20’s which is odd for this time of the year. No swimming (it wasn’t that warm).
– we’ve been busy trying to find a Family Doctor due to a minor health scare. I think we may have been successful.
– redeemed some of my credit card Sony points and got a Playstation 3 for free. The games aren’t free though, and are likely taxing Firda’s sanity (what little she has) 🙂
– we are going to see Feist with Hayden on Friday in London. We also have tickets to see Penn and Teller in November. Plus tickets I won in a contest to see Oasis in December (which was suppose to be in September but Liam was assaulted by someone at their Toronto show and they had to cancel).
And that is about it. I know I’ve likely missed some stuff but that’s okay. I can’t promise I’ll be a good blogger, but hopefully I’ll post something within the next week or two 🙂 If you want me to post sooner leave a comment!

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  1. Actually, dogsitting Buttons is taxing my sanity more than your videogame playing.

  2. I think you should definitely post more often. 🙂