Living Proof That Anyone Can Go To University

(Too much information Alert) When I’m sitting on the John I like to read, something to pass the time away.(/Too Much Information Alert) I’m currently reading one of the Uncle John’s Book of the Dumb, which leads me to thinking about all the dumb people I’ve known, and the dumb things I’ve seen.
One such dumb person lived in my residence during my first year of university. This guy made me realize that anyone can be accepted into university. You are wondering why I think this guy was dumb? My main piece of evidence involves the very nature of the universe, and information you learn in public school.
I can’t remember the conversation we were having but we started talking about the universe. Suprisingly this guy knew very little about the universe. The most shocking “lack of knowledge” is that he didn’t realize that the stars you see in the sky at night were actually distant stars (like our very own sun). When asked what he thought they were he replied “I dunno, I never really thought about it”.
I don’t know if he graduated from university. I suspect he did, and I’m hoping in the period of time since we were in residence together he has expanded him knowledge of the world. For the sake of any offsprings he ends up having.

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