Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Firda and I just got back from my parents place earlier today. We spent the past couple days (since Christmas Eve) with my parents. We had a good time with the family – it would have been great if we both weren’t battling a flu/cold. We are feeling much better today though still quite drained.
So how was everyone’s Christmas? Did you all make out like bandits? We did pretty good this year. Video games, books, board games (Ticket to Ride, Dominion: Intrigue, Dominion: Seaside and the Agricola Expansion), a heating blanket (to preheat our bed before we jump into it), a dining room table (used from Kijiji) and a bunch of clothing.
It was also my niece’s first Christmas. I think she enjoyed it – though she had to take a nap half way through the present opening. She turns 1 on New Years Day so we are planning to go down there for the party.
What else? We say the Olympic Flame come through Stratford today. We just got into town and had to park on a side street (since the relay route passed in front of our house). We had about a 10 minute wait since we got home and they ran by. It was a “blink and you’ll miss it” type event but interesting to see nonetheless.
I also had a chance to do out for dinner with a bunch of old friends I haven’t seen in a while including two dear friend who live in England now (Kaley and Nasser), two friends from Toronto who we haven’t seen since likely the summer (Caiti and Ian), and my best bud Joe and the always cantankerous Tom 🙂 Sadly Firda didn’t feel well enough to join us but we had fun.
Well it’s off to play Ratchet and Clank now! Happy Holidays everyone!

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