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For those of you who were around in 2002 you might remember my post about bagged milk. Now someone has gone so far as to create a website dedicated to the bagged milk phenomenon. So if you’ve ever wanted to see the step by step process of how the milk goes from the bag to the cup you won’t want to miss this website 🙂

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  1. Hed

    That has got to be the most bizarre/entertaining thing I have seen all day. Of course, it’s 2h24 PM, and I have only been up for about 2 hours :-p
    Do they sell milk any other way in Canada? Kind of reminds me of the breastmilk collection bags, on a larger scale/mammal…
    Funny story about culture shock, and milk… I don’t drink (cow’s milk) myself, unless it’s in cocoa, but when I was in Australia, every time I checked in to a hotel, they handed me a carafe of the stuff at check-in. That freaked me out, slightly… Oh well… The world is an interesting place on many levels.

  2. Troy

    Hed: We can get milk in cartons or jugs as well. Cartons and bags are the most prevalant types. I grew up assuming that everyone got their milk in bags. It wasn’t until I started meeting people from all over the world that I realized it wasn’t so. Some of the northern states have them and I believe there are other countries that use bags but it isn’t very popular in most places.

  3. Sarah

    Thanks for linking to my website. Haha.