More Kittens

If you want to see more kittens check out Stephen Malkmus’s new video for the song Jo-Jo’s Jacket. The kittens are about 2:30 minutes into the song. The whole video is worth a watch though. If you don’t know who Yul Bryner is you might want to read about his life and career here.
A little background about Stephen Malkmus for those who care. Stephen Malkmus is the lead singer for a band called Pavement. The Pavement sound is very low-fi guitar rock which in some cases may be called slacker rock though I’m not very good with the whole classification thing.
Now how would I know all this. Well for those of you who know me you know that one of my great loves in life is music. I rarely ever listen to the top 40 bands, though I don’t always count them out. I could list off my favorite bands but a lot of them would be foreign to a large majority of the population. The nice thing is that I’ve found that a large number of webloggers listen to the same stuff I do and I’ve even discovered bands because of webloggers. Are there any bands you would like to suggest to me? Post a comment.
Wow this post meandered way to much!

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