Mothers Against Videogame Addiction And Violence

Over the holidays I was watching “The Screen Savers” on TechTV and one of the hosts mentioned a group called the “Mothers Against Videogame Addiction And Violence” or MAVAV for short. The website for the group gives you tips about what to watch out for with your videogame playing children. For example if your child is doing badly at school in every course but “Computer Education” then they are probably a videogame addict.
The tips page made me wonder whether this organization was legitimate. I could see a group of American mothers getting together and forming a group against videogames. They do it for everything else, especially if they are uber-religious. With a little digging I found out that it is indeed a hoax. According to the article the site was created by David Yoo as a student project. The project was to create a “fully functional hoax website”. I must say Bravo to you Mr. Yoo. This report by David Yoo explains more about the assignment and the impact it has had.

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