Mulholland Dr.

I just got back about 15 minutes ago from seeing Mulholland Dr. For those of your familiar with the work of David Lynch you won’t be surprised that it is a very weird movie with a lot of quirky characters, many which play no significant role in the movie. I read a review for this movie somewhere once that said “Mulholland Dr. makes Memento look straight forward” and I understand why.
If you stopped reading this post after the first paragraph you would think to yourself “I guess since he thinks the movie is so weird he doesn’t like it” but that is the exact opposite. I though that Mulholland Dr. was amazing. Good story (once you figure out how to interpret it), good actors and it was typical David Lynch (if there is such a thing as typical Lynch). If you like being challenged by movies and don’t mind being quite confused this is an excellent movie to see. Phenomenal.

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  1. I thought there was typical lynch and then I saw The Straight Story.

  2. Your right Daniel. The Straight Story was a less Lynch than anything else but there were still Lynch aspects such as the lady who hit the deer on the road. I also think that he was toned down by Disneys influence. 🙂