My Cat Loves HBO

My Cat Can Get HBO!

I like to call the above doodle “My Cat Can Get HBO!” and yes, there is a story behind it. My parents have a kitten named Molly. She is a little over a year old and she is an indoor cat. She has no front claws (it wasn’t my idea) so she is relatively defenseless. Occasionally she gets outside and runs around for a while. Our neighbours also have a cat but this cat stays outdoors and has its front claws.
One night Molly got out and was in a fight with the neighbours cat. When Molly came home she had a huge bite out of her side inflicted upon her by the other cat. My parents cleaned it but over time it became infected and wouldn’t heal properly because the cat would continually lick and bite at the wound. My mom took her to the vet and the vet put one of those cones around her head so that she wouldn’t pick at it. I didn’t know about all this until I went home this weekend and saw the cat running around with what looked like a satellite reciever on her head. I even started calling the cat “satellite” for a while.
So when I met up with my friends and told them the story I always started it with “My cat can get HBO now”. And that is the story behind the doodle. Hope you liked it. Now wake up and get back to work!!! 🙂

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  1. Firda

    Hehehe. That’s really cute, Troy 🙂 I feel sorry for Molly, though. Must suck so much to have no way of self-defense whatsoever.
    You know, I think you need to make a comic strip a feature in your site. You draw quite well.

  2. Fiddy

    Yeah… well my cat can get CBC….radio and television….

  3. Poor defenseless Molly. I hope her wound would heal soon so she doesn’t have to run around with the satellite around her head because it’s pretty uncomfortable for the cat.