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So if my blog was a child it would have been taken away from me ages ago by the Children’s Aid Service.
So. How is everyone?
Life goes on.
Firda and I are looking at houses. We’ve been looking for about 2 weeks now. We haven’t found anything that we’ve both fallen in love with. I think Firda’s standards are way too high 🙂
Firda’s landing interview is next Tuesday. In a week she may be a permanent resident of Canada. Yipee! It’s been a long time coming.
Ummm. We aren’t going to Newfoundland this spring like we were hoping to. We figured we would put the money toward the costs of buying a house.
Other than that not much has happened. The snow is gone, the weather is warm. It seems like we skipped Spring again this year. Though today is rather nice. Actually feels like spring.
That is all for now. I’ll try to update more.

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  1. Are you looking at houses close to where you live now or are you planning to re-locate?

  2. We are planning on relocating closer to where I work. I’m looking to cut my commute at least in half – so we have a pretty wide area of potential possibilities. The hardest thing is finding something we like in our price range. Too bad we haven’t been saving for years so we could put a large down payment on a house. Oh well.

  3. Down payment? your dad’s barn + Ebay…Problem solved. 🙂
    He wouldn’t even notice…