Lumpy_Grease the Bruce
SMooSH introduced me to a neat little internet game called NeoPets. It’s a combination of Pokemon and Tamagotchi. You get to select a species and name your Neopet. You can then compete and play games for Neopoints, which is the Neoworld currency. My Neopet is named Lumpy_Grease and he is of the Bruce species. The species looks a lot like penguins and we all know I love penguins.
The picture in this email is my Neopet. Isn’t he cute. I suspect he might be a little weird. Though there is nothing wrong with that.

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  1. ‘The picture in this email…’? Hehe…
    By the way, the penguin is very cute. 🙂

  2. Email… Post… Arghhh. Brain sore! 🙂

  3. Brains are a lot of fun when they are sore, tierd and overworked.
    They make me laugh.

  4. I have a kougra,a flotsam,a shoyru and
    a uni!