New Bed

I took the day off of school/work because I had to wait for delivery men to deliver my new Queen sized bed. I’ve never had a bed this big before. Up to this point I don’t think I’ve ever had a box spring before either. I’ve been sleeping on a Captains Bed for quite a while. It looked something like this. I expect to get a good nights sleep tonight since I’ve been sleeping on the floor for the past three nights. My parents came up on Sunday and took my bed away and all I was left with was a very thin matress, which wasn’t very comfortable.
Along with the new bed I got a free DVD player. My housemate two weekends ago bought a new 27″ Flatscreen Sony TV and we have been waiting for a DVD player to test the TVs limits on visual clarity. We ended up watching Titus tonight and the image was magnificent.
Now I am off to sleep to test out my new bed. Night.

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  1. Had a good night sleep? Your Queen sized mattress looks similar to the one we have on our brass bed.
    I like the Sony Flatscreen TV too. Wari and I are planning to get one in a few months time.

  2. I had a fantastic sleep. Too bad I had to get up and go to school. And I don’t get to sleep in it this weekend because I am going home. Alas.