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So how do you like the new design? This design was produced by the ever amazing, ever-awesome Firda. Like every new design there are probably going to be broken links and problems all over the place which I will try to fix up as I find them. Let me know about any problems you find.
Thanks Firda 🙂

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  1. Kristen

    new design is pretty. why did the blue goo eat your mother by the way? was she particularly tasty? or was the blue good just feeling hungry?

  2. Troy

    Well Kristen. The Blue Goo was from Outer Space where Mom is considered a delicacy! Just like snails on Earth 🙂

  3. Firda

    Yay, the design is done! For real! 🙂

  4. hollis

    very nice design. i especially like the maple leaf. nice touch!

  5. Eric

    This new design sure is eye candy!

  6. Troy

    Hey Eric. This is the Eric from ? I didn’t know you had a new journal/blog up. Welcome back. And thank you everyone for the kind words about the design (though all praise should be directed to Firda).