New Layout

Here is the new layout. I had to redo the layout after the original layout was found to have bugs in it when I tried to add a javascript. This layout is the creation of my good friend fabulous Firda from Weblog Wannabe. I really like the layout and no matter what she says I don’t think she is a moron (see current About Me section). I never did publicly thank Wari and Nita for hosting me. Without them I would still be unhyperlinkable. Mad props to all of them 🙂

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  1. Yay, Troy is officially hyperlink-friendly! 😛

  2. Yo, troy, I find that the ‘blue goo ate my mum’ thingy is overwriting the whatever line… Why is that, ok, maybe it didn’t look that way in IE, I’m using mozilla..

  3. Firda

    Wannabe Weblog. Ack!!!

  4. Troy

    Doh. Sorry Firda. My mind wasn’t working when I wrote that. I will change it and the whole world will be good again 🙂

  5. Yes, it does look a little wonky in Mozilla, but not so bad that it causes a major problem….