Ninja Golf

Firda was surfing the web last night and found this article about an old Atari 7800 game which combined the excitment of being a Ninja with the most boring sport in the world, golf. Put them together and you get Ninja Golf.
The story is as follows. You are a Ninja. You apparently like to play golf. You find conventional golf courses boring so you choose to play on the deadliest course known to humans. The grounds are filled with enemy ninjas, angry gophers, crazy frogs and sandpit snakes among other villians. If you are lucky enough to make it onto the green you have to battle the deadly “dragon guardian”.
At first I thought this game was a hoax, but at the bottom of the page you can find a link to a Atari 7800 emulator and the Ninja Golf rom (read the instructions they have on the site for setting up the emulator). I’ve played a little and it’s just as wacky as it sounds.

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  1. I actually owned it. I was upset when the 7800 stopped getting any games, so I scoured the bargain bins to get all the old games I could find. Ninja Golf was not the worst title I bought…

  2. Dave: What was the worst game? One of my favorites for the 7800 was Food Fight. Dig Dug came in a close second.