Olympic Gold

It’s been an amazing couple days for the Canadian Olympic team. Yesterday last night the Mens Canadian Hockey Team beat the Finnish hockey team to go onto the semifinals. The score was 2-1 and was it ever a great game. Both teams played amazingly. Tomorrow (Friday) they play Belarus to decide whether they play for the Gold or for the Bronze.
Earlier today the Canadian Womens Curling Team beat the American team with a score of 9-5 to take the Bronze.
And tonight the Canadian Womens Hockey Team destroyed the Americans to win the Gold with a score of 3-2. I thought the mens game from last night was amazing but this game was “edge-of-your-seat” exciting. Especially in the last 5 minutes where the US scored a goal to bring it up to the final score. My only complaint about the game is that the game was called by an American referee and a lot of the calls were questionable. In 60 minutes of playing time we had approximately 26 minutes of penalty time and we still came back to win.
An interesting addendum to this is that in the last eight games that the Canadian team played against the Americans the Americans won every time. It was a hard fought battle and we defied all odds. 🙂

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