One of those Weekends

It was one of those weekends. One of those weekends where your having a better time than you anticipated. It started with a wedding on Satuday. A friend from the university (who is doing his PhD) got married Saturday afternoon. The wedding was nice. Longer than a united church wedding but it was still very nice. The weather was boiling hot but thankfully the church and the reception hall were air conditioned. Between the wedding and dinner Firda and I went for a little car ride. The wedding was done in the Niagra Falls area so it is very beautiful countryside. We went to a small town called Vineland where another set of friends are getting married in August to check out the Winery where they are getting hitched. Then we went on to Port Dalhousie to see what was happening on Lake Ontario. By that time we needed to head back for the reception. The reception was really nice. We had a four course meal, meaning dinner took about 3 hours. Then an hour of speeches. By the time they started the music and the dancing it was around 10 pm. I enjoyed it though. The food was amazing. I got to hang out with another graduate student friend and his fiancee, who are getting married in two weeks, my grad school supervisor and his wife, and another professor I know from the university and his wife. It was nice catching up and finding out what is going on at the university. We left soon after the dancing started and got home just before midnight.
On Sunday Firda and I had a late start (mostly because I like sleeping in). We eventually headed to Cambridge to try our hand at a little bit of hiking. We walked a little ways down the Paris to Cambridge trail (which is around 19 kilometers in length). Sadly I think we picked the wrong end of the trail to start from since the scenery wasn’t quite as nice as the pictures show. When we got back to the car after hiking we were approached by an older gentleman who wondered if we were heading toward Paris since he and his wife had left a car in Paris and a car in Cambridge but when they reached Cambridge they realized that neither of them had keys for the car that was in Cambridge. We weren’t planning on going all the way to Paris but I decided why not give this guy a ride to his car. I momentarily thought “what if he is some kind of crazy psycho” but thankfully he wasn’t.
We hung out in Paris for a while after dropping him off at his car. Sat by the Grand River and watched the water flow by. On the way home we stopped for by Liquidation World to pick up a couple of things (towels, kick ass Tiki mug [which is actually suppose to be a candle holder but is just too cool) amongst other things), stopped for ice cream, then went out for dinner at the 50’s Diner. The food was okay. Not as great as I thought it should be. Between ice cream and dinner I showed Firda where I use to live and the public school I went to up to grade 2. A lot of stuff has changed in the old neighbourhood. The large tree in on my old front lawn has been cut down (I always thought of it as “my tree”). The house next to ours, which belong to Mrs. Hall who was like a third grandmother to me, has been sold. I think the house has been out of the Hall family for a while now but it kind of saddens me that everything is changing. I guess it has too. She’s been dead for more than 10 years now.
Eventually we got home and just vegged out for the rest of the night. It was a really good weekend. Though sadly it’s Monday now and I would rather be sleeping 🙂 Here’s looking towards the weekend!

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  1. Sounds like you had a more exciting weekend than I did, since the highlight of mine was buying that cake plate I always wanted.