Online Presence

So my blog is being neglected and my online presence has been reduced very close to zero (except for a few comments here and there – though I swear I am still reading your blog posts). It’s unintentional. My brain just hasn’t been in the mode to string coherent sentences together into blog posts.
I also find that when I try to create a longer blog post I run out of steam half way thorugh. I have several abandoned posts that I really need to get back to.
In the meantime here is a link to a sweet video by Vampire weekend for there song “Giving Up the Gun” – featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas and RZA. If you don’t know Vampire Weekend you really should.

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  1. she

    let me give you some topics:
    1. does the canadian healthcare system work?
    2. should the us be grateful we’re on our way towards the canadian system?
    3. what do you do for fun? hobbies?

  2. Thanks for the ideas She. I’m working on a post to put in to words my thoughts on one and two.