Plastic Sheets vs. The Terrorists

You know what I find kind of funny. Since the American Emergency system (or warning system or whatever it is called) went to “Orange” status there have been all of these reports about going out and stocking up on food and buying lots of plastic sheets. Now stocking up on food, water, batteries etc. isn’t always a bad idea. It’s not like those things are going to sit around and go to waste even if a situation doesn’t arise but in the case of plastic sheets I have other feelings.
It’s not likely that covering your house in plastic sheets will do you any good. It’s also not likely that you would be able to block off all of the places where the “chemicals” can get in and even if you could create an air-tight enclosure you’ll likely run out of air and die anyways 🙂
Using plastic like this is akin to the “stop, drop and cover” mentality of the 1960’s (during the whole nuclear crisis). It won’t actually do anything for you but it will appease the public so their isn’t widespread panic. Crazy Americans.

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  1. That is exactly what we were talking about in English class the other day. Except we were discussing the mass buying of Duct tape (instead of plastic sheets). Hm… Duct tape vs. Duck and cover. They both involve a word that sounds like a yellow feathered friend. Maybe the government is trying to tell us Americans something…something about ducks…
    (I have a hard time taking the government seriously when they tell their citizens to go out and buy mass amounts of tape, with the implication that it will save us all from bio-terrorism…)

  2. It’s completely asinine to those of us who actually think.
    However, many people are drones who just do what the government tells them to do. It doesn’t even matter if it works. As long as there’s a plan, people feel better – just like the nuclear duck-and-cover drills.
    Most of us are just going on living our lives as usual.

  3. Suzy

    Hi, it’s my first time here^_^
    I’d like to tell you how my mom walked into my room today and told me, “Well, I think the guest bedroom would be the best place to tape up.”
    ..and maybe we should all fill up our bath tubs with water just like in the Y2k scare!
    More reasons why I wish I was in Canada-_-

  4. Why do I have the feeling that the USA is such a weird place?
    Maybe because I am a French citizen (ouch! please stop kicking, please, that hurts!) and I happen to live in Canada (technically, Quebec is still part of Canada).

  5. Frithjof

    >>like this is akin to the “stop, drop and cover” mentality of the 1960’s (during the whole nuclear crisis