Professor Passes Away

Professor Robert MacDonald, who I wrote about early this week, who had been shot in Trinidad was taken off life support yesterday afternoon and passed away a couple minutes before 2 in the afternoon. The choice to take him off life support was made by his family and I think it was probably the best thing to do. Even if he made it out of this he would have had brain damage and his standard of life would be severely limited.
In situations like this I think of my uncle who was beaten by a group of men and left for dead. They kept him on life support and eventually he was able to start breathing on his own again, though he was a shell of the man he formerly was. Confined to a wheel chair, limited to grunts and groans, limited motor control, limited mental capacity. I felt bad for him and thought if I was in that position and my chances for recovery were slim I’d want them to pull the plug. My uncle passed away about 2 years after he was beaten due to health complications.

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  1. Wow. I’m sorry to hear that. Not an easy thing to watch, in either case.