I’m off to my parents place this weekend for the 21st annual Pumpkinfest in Waterford (a little town about 5 minutes from my parents place with a population of aroun 1500). Pumpkinfest is a celebration of pumpkins and the autumn season. It is also a celebration of Halloween but it is not advertised as such because if it was all of the crazy religious people would up in arms about the town worshipping Satan or something like that. The “fest” is also another excuse for the people of Waterford to drink and get drunk. All in all it tends to be a fun time. Tonight the weekend festivities start with fireworks at the high school followed by a parade on Saturday morning. Throughout the weekend there are arts and craft shows, competitions, spookhouses, tractor pulls, football games, soap box derbies and much much more. I’m probably not going to make it to the parade or very many of the events but I will try to take pictures of what I see and post a couple of them next week.
So anyways have a good weekend everyone no matter what your plans (or lack of plans) are.

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  1. Nit

    Sounds like a lots of fun. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  2. nikki

    don’t get too drunk off pumpkin beer!