Quick Post from the Sick

Yup. Still have a cold. It’s getting better though but since I think I got it from my brother and he had it for half a week before I caught it and he hasn’t gotten over it yet I figure it’s going to be one of those stubborn colds that is more an annoyance than anything serious.
In the meantime go and play Speed which Firda linked to a couple of days ago. It’s deadly addictive. Or read about the obliteration of Belgium (the country my dad and grandfather moved to Canada from) which went unnoticed by the rest of the world according to the World Weekly News (stolen from a Brussels blogger at one.point.zero). Until next time!

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  1. Yea, I too have a variety of that nasty cold. I’m home from work today trying to get well and I just wanted to give you props because SPEED is making me feel a whole lot better!!