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Hello from Mabou, Nova Scotia. Firda and I are a week into our Honeymoon and we’ve been having a great time. We drove 12 hours straight the first day making it from Waterloo, through Quebec and to New Brunswick, where we couldn’t find a vacant motel or hotel so stayed at a campsite. That night we realized that the tent had not been waterproofed in a long time and haven’t camped out since.
We didn’t spend much time in New Brunswick, but we have seen most of Nova Scotia. It’s beautiful, but I already knew that. I’ve been out here three times before. We are heading to PEI (Prince Edward Island) for the final couple of days before heading back with a potential stop over in Quebec City.
We may have wireless access at the next place we stay so there may be more updates. Until then have good one.

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  1. Glad to hear you’re having fun! 🙂

  2. Ok, now I’m super jealous! I want to go there! You guys better take good pictures… you know, so I can live through you.