Reading the Day Away

I’ve been reading a fair amount lately. I usually like to read for an hour or so before going to sleep but over the past couple of weeks I was sucked in by Morrowind and various other concerns and my reading regiment was disrupted. This weekend I spent a fair amount of time reading. I finished the Iron Wolf by Richard Adams (author of Watership Down, which is amazing if you haven’t read it), read a couple of comic books (yes I was and still kind of am a comic book geek), started and finished Jacob’s Hands by Aldous Huxley and Chistopher Isherwood (which is rather short, only 144 pages, but a good read) and started reading Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.
I’ve been meaning to read Diary of a Young Girl ever since I visited the place she and her family hid in and where a lot of her diary was written. The museum (as it is now called) takes you through all the various rooms of the warehouse and the “secret annex” where they hid from the Nazis. Excerpts from her diary were placed around the building and told her story and how she viewed the world and people around her. From the diary we find that she is an ordinary child who is put in a dire situation but attempts to make the best of it. I really wish I wasn’t at work right now so I could read more.
The rest of my weekend was alright. Nothing special. I did spend about 5 or 6 hours in the pool over the weekend. That was nice, especially since the weather was so freakin’ warm!!!!

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