Sometimes I wish that people I knew in the offline world didn’t know my blog existed. Sometimes I just want to vent and get rid of all of my feelings/emotions/peeves but feel self-conscious because I don’t want to expose too much of myself. I don’t want to show people how emotionally unstable I really can be. That’s just who I am.
Don’t get me wrong Joe, SMooSH and Smelder. I like that you read my blog. I like that you leave comments and I like that I know you offline. This is just me posting. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Now I try to sleep. Thanks Firda. 🙂

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  1. We all know how emotionally unstable we all are, I doubt you are any worse….
    Buck up litttle camper…

  2. You know, that’s exactly how I feel sometimes which is why I haven’t posted much these days. I want to rant, but I’m worried that my collegues will find my blog. It might get me into trouble. Oh well…

  3. Firda

    You’re welcome 🙂

  4. not many of my real life friends read my site.

  5. P.S.
    If you ever have anything to blog about me, i.e that SMooSH is such a dork and a lame-o, feel free…you know I wouldn’t mind…8^)
    All in the name of troy’s mental health…
    And don’t forget to stand in front of the mirror and yell in a scottish accent…That is also good for mental health…Just look at me…as mentally healthy as they come…(???)

  6. I’ve felt the same way….many times. So much so, in fact, that I have one of those freebie blogs specifically for venting. I don’t post there unless I need to vent, and it’s not customized in any way, but it serves it’s purpose.
    I debated on getting some kind of journaling software, but with a blog, I can vent anywhere (as long as I have an internet connection, which I usually do).