Referral Spamming II

Apparently banning that particular IP didn’t do anything since I am still getting pounded by this spammer. If you check out my referral list you’ll see I’m getting one hit per minute. So to this all I can do is say “F**K OFF YOU MOTHER F**KING GOD DAMN SON OF A B**CHES!!! JUST F**CK OFF!!!”
Maybe that will work. Probably not. Stupid f**cking spammers. They should all be round up and shot. I wish I could trace where the hits were coming from.

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  1. At least I didn’t really swear. I just implied it πŸ™‚

  2. You can change the code around so that refering URLs aren’t direct but are instead through an HTTP redirect. That way, Google will see instead of the real location. Until you figure out how to make it do that, you should probably put it in a password-protected directory. It’s quite possible that the spam-bot will remove you from its list if it can’t access it several times, so even if you set up the redirect, it would make sense to put it in an innaccessible location for a little while.

  3. Firda

    I think I have blocked most (if not all) of them with .htaccess. I found that they came from the following IPs:
    Blocking those IPs doesn’t seem to work (mostly because my Apache knowledge is next to zero) so I just use the wildcard thing. In case anyone’s experiencing the same thing, putting this in your .htaccess file sems to help:
    SetEnvIfNoCase Referer “.*(blow|job|cum|shot|poker|casino|gambling|pictures|sex|hardcore|porn|pussy|xxx|webcam|ficken|fuck|coreresearch|blackjack|esgambi|btview|ajedreztotal|financial|batteredsuitcase|campus|goldeneaglebirdclub|winnipesaukee|lonestar|psultra|greyhound|betterjudgement|flyinthenet|carhire|easytiger|alchelp|craps|elsilencioesmiel|celebrities|haproduction|modelle|forrester2000|magicpoetry|alliesjazz|canchild|valenzaoro|claywebdesign|driverscience|sanfranciscopunk|slots|dz|cokiba|indweb|energyfuturesnews|concordmass).*” BadReferrer
    order deny,allow
    deny from env=BadReferrer
    Pardon the dirty words.

  4. Firda

    Whoops. Sorry for the horizontal scrollbar. Also, is it just me or does posting a comment open a new window?

  5. Firda

    Ack! Spoke too soon. It looks like they’re back. Damn.

  6. Firda

    Actually not. Phew…

  7. Firda

    I just upgraded the referrer script and reset the database so that you can have a fresh start πŸ™‚ Now back to bed for me. Two hours of sleep is not enough!