Resurrecting “Dead Like Me”

Holy cripes! I was surfing the blogosphere and discovered that they are making a Dead Like Me movie! They are resurrecting one of the best shows that ever got canceled (along with Arrest Development and Firefly).
There is even a teaser trailer on YouTube! Sweet jebus!
Now all I need is another Firefly movie. That would be crazy awesome!

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  1. kaley

    I bought both seasons when I was home over Christmas – and now our DVD player is broken… is tragic!!! I’m ambivalent about a DLM movie…such a move has been the deathknell of so many brilliant shows (Firefly being the exception I can think of off-hand).

  2. Well I’m happy for a movie – there were so many more stories they could tell but didn’t have the chance.
    And Serenity rocked like nothing else!! I hope they make another Firefly movie.

  3. kaley

    have you seen ‘pushing daisies’? My friend Emma lent me the pilot and ep.2 – it is interesting.

  4. Yup. We’ve been watching it since it started. They only made it up to like episode 8 before the writer’s strike. Stupid writers!