Review: The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project present by Studio 180
What can I say about a show that tackles as delicate an issue as hate crimes against homosexuals, in specific the case of Matthew Shepard in the small sleepy town of Laramie, Wyoming. In October of 1998 the town was torn apart by the kidnapping, beating and eventual death of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay college student. The initial reaction of most of the town

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  1. Am

    So what are/were your views on homosexuality? I’m presuming you’re adopting the stand that is “accepting them as who they are”.
    We just had a case here in the papers today where this 52-year-old man molested his tuition kids (from 13-16 years of age), all boys. He was a self-admitted homosexual and paedophile.
    Homosexuality is ok I feel, as long as it doesn’t lead one to crime/immoral acts. But there seems to be strong statistical evidence suggesting that a large percentage of gay men were once sexually assaulted themselves when young, perhaps leading them to become gay themselves when they were older. Hmm.

  2. Am: I’ve always accepted homosexuals for what they are. I don’t look down on them and think they are unnatural. I have several gay friends and I probably know people who are but I don’t know it.
    As for crime/immoral acts. Heterosexuals are just as likely to do these crimes probably more than their homosexual counterparts. As for people becoming homosexual because of a tramatic experience in their youth I don’t know if I would believe that without some evidence to back it up.