Rotten Tooth, Not So Fun!

Tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow I get another wisdom tooth ripped out. The tooth that I chipped ages ago, due to tooth decay. I’m going to be put under for the “operation”. It’s the first time I’ve ever been put under for anything. I’m hoping the dentist doesn’t molest my mouth too much, and that my jaw isn’t as sore as it was last time.
I’ve got things to eat: yogurt, soft bananas, Jell-o, pudding.
I’m ready. I just want to get it done. Sadly I can’t eat anything tomorrow morning. And I need to remember to take off my jewelry (my wedding ring only).
Wish me luck 🙂

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  1. sharon

    i hope all goes well troy!!
    you’d be ok

  2. Nit

    Good luck, Troy. I had four of my wisdom teeth removed under general anaesthesia. It was not painful after the operation, but my cheeks were bruised and swollen as if I had mumps. I was so hungry after the procedure as I had not eaten for many hours.