Royal Wood – September 24th, 2010 @ The Loft on Downie

Our fourth Royal Wood show and by far the most intimate so far.
We weren’t planning on going since the tickets had appeared to be sold out but CBC Radio 2 held a contest to win tickets to see Royal Wood at the location of your choosing. Firda entered and was one of three entries selected personnally by Royal to receive a pair of tickets to his show in Stratford.
The Loft on Downie was a new venue to us. We had heard of it before but tracking down the actual address on the web was impossible – I ended up having to call Stratford Tourism in order to get an address. We weren’t sure what to expect but we were excited to see Royal again.
The Loft is actually someone’s apartment who holds occasional concerts for a small audience. The audience was only about 40 to 50 – with people sitting on chairs, couches and standing at the back of the room. There were no bad seats since the back of the room was only a couple of meters from Royal Wood. There was even the “family” dog hanging out before the show – who barked with approval when the audience clapped.
As always the show was great. He played mostly from his newest album “The Waiting” but by this time we knew most of the songs since the album came out just before we saw him earlier this year (in May).
One more point of interest about the audience was the number of actors from the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. There were at least two leads in the audience which was really cool to see them outside of the festival just having a good time.
Now we wait for our next chance to see Royal. Can’t wait!

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