Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passed

I was happy to hear from Firda this morning that the same-sex marriage bill was passed in the House of Commons last night. It’s about time. The main step left is debate and passing of the bill in the Senate (which from the article linked to sounds like a sure thing).
I believe that the passing of this bill will increase the appeal of Canada to the rest of the world (with exception to those fundamentally homophobic nations). I also believe that it will strengthen Canada’s role in this world, in the long run.
Now we only need to do one more thing to make this country just that much better. Take Stephen Harper (the leader of the Conservative Party), throw him into a bag with some rocks and then throw that bag into a river. He is the most pig-headed, arrogant, SOB you’ve ever heard from. I really hate the following comment “My views haven’t changed because Mr. Martin (our prime minister) made a deal with the Bloc (the Quebec seperartist party).”.
I don’t know if deals were made, or if they just voted the same way. I don’t care either way. If it was a “union” of parties over one issue I’m okay with that. Something good came from this union. Something that both sides wanted. Screw you Stephen Harper! 🙂

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  1. If canada isnt 23 hours away by plane, I would have moved long ago.
    actually, maybe i should; it’s just too hot here.

  2. You are more than welcome to move to good old Canada! 🙂 Though it’s pretty warm here as well. Low to mid 30s for most of the week. Though it’s suppose to be dropping back to the regular mid-20s soon 🙂

  3. I concur, Stephen Harper is an ignorant piece of poop.