Saturday Oh Saturday

As I mentioned on Friday I curled on Saturday. I did take pictures and I will post them when I get around to organizing them. Our team ended up being the second to last team but it was fun anyways. We lost our first game 12 to 1 and lost the second game 6 to 5. The point scored in the first game was my point. It was an accident that I got it but I was happy about. In the second game I got a double take-out (which means I removed two of the other teams rocks from play – see the site referenced in the post of Friday for a nice little animation to describe it). Due to this double take-out I won a cute plush monkey. I will take a picture of him as well and post it. I don’t have him with me currently because someone from my team borrowed it for the weekend. I just hope she gives him back 🙂 The event ended up making around 9000 dollars for the Hospice of Waterloo Region. It was fun but I’m sore today.
Waking Life
After curling I came home and took a long warm bath, hoping that I could minimize the aches and pains I would feel later and it seemed to work. I went out to see the movie Waking Life with my housemate and a couple of other friends. It was an interesting movie especially the visuals. My biggest complaint about the movie is that there was no plot to it and it just seemed to be philisophical ramblings. I kept thinking to myself that I was watching a pretentious “art house film”. It had it’s moments but I can seriously say I don’t want to see the movie again. I liked it the first time, even though there were moments where I wished it would end, but I don’t think I could sit through it again. So my final review of the movie is “if you want to sit around and listen to a bunch of philosophical discussion with really cool (but sometimes unnerving) animation plus you have a relatively high level of patience go and see this movie. If not then go and see something else.”
Today has been uneventful. Myself, my housemate and a friend of his went down to a used bookstore in Kitchener. They have a 50% off sale so I picked up a bunch of books. I won’t bore you will the names. Then we went to the mall for a while and then I ended up reading for a fair chunk of the afternoon. I really should have been outside. The temperature peaked at around 10 degrees Celsius today, which is very weird though nice.
Since this is getting long I better stop writing.

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  1. Nit

    How nice! Did you get to choose the prize you’ve won for the double take-out? I was just wondering because it had to be a plush monkey. 😛

  2. If I have a choice, I would see Waking Life, but in fact I dont, as they dont show these kind of shows in Singapore…

  3. I didn’t get to choose the prize. It was a monkey, I saw it and I thought to myself “I will have that monkey” and then I did. Yipee!!!