Snow, Tobermory and the Ticket that Wasn’t!

Firda and I spent the weekend at a rented cottage close to Tobermory with friends of ours from Toronto and St. Catherines. On the way up we drove through – nice weather (if you didn’t pay attention to the wind), then snow squalls, then hail, then rain, then a crazy ass wind storm. We had a great weekend, even though the wind storm lasted for most of the weekend. We visited Tobermory, took a trip to the Cabot Head Lighthouse, played board/card games, watched A Mighty Wind and A Very Long Engagement, ate amazing meals and just enjoyed the time we had at the cottage. The snow squalls only lasted until we got to the cottage, but it was windy and rained on and off all weekend. Like it always does the weather turned nice today, the sun was out, the skies were blue.
It was a nice drive home. Except when I got pulled over for speeding. I know I was going too fast, but I noticed the cop and slowed down. It seems he had radared (is this a word?) me when I was going faster. He pulled me over, said that I was going pretty fast it would be a 230 dollar ticket, but then let me off with a warning. I’m not sure why he did that but I thanked him and kept my speed to a reasonable level after that. The ticket that wasn’t.
Tomorrow is the start of another work week. Can’t say I’m excited about that prospect, but it’ll be okay 🙂

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Lighthouses are fascinating – did you like the Cabot Head Lighthouse?

  2. Kirsi: The lighthouse itself isn’t all that exciting. The view at the lighthouse is great though. I’m hoping that some of the pictures Firda and I took look good. I’m sure some of the pictures will be posted.