Sometimes I think that I’m not running my life very well and then I think that I should leave my fate up to some arbitrary source. In particular I think I should let my horoscope run my life. The only problem is that I would have to pick a horoscope source. For example if I looked at my Yahoo Horoscope for today:
Your home could be fraught with tension today, dear Sagittarius, as members of your household are all likely to be under pressure with too much to do at once. There could be a few quarrels, but it’s more likely that people will be too busy and thus emotions may smolder until everyone finishes what they have to do. It might be a good idea to spend much of your day elsewhere. In the evening: go to a movie!
From this horoscope I would have to make sure I stayed away from my house for as long as possible and then in the evening I should have went to see a movie. I did stay away from my house until about 6:30 pm (so that part of the horoscope came true) but I didn’t see a movie, though I did buy Donnie Darko on DVD. Haven’t watched it yet though. Today’s horoscope was pretty lame. Screw that. I can control my own life!!!!

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  1. Smelder

    donnie darko.
    i’d like to see that.

  2. Troy

    Well you are welcome to come over and watch it. I’m probably going to watch it tomorrow night (Friday) but I’m sure it is going to require more than one viewing.

  3. Nit

    I don’t believe in horoscopes because they’re pretty much generic in nature.

  4. Troy

    I don’t really believe in horroscopes but I could use them as a guide for living 🙂