Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here! The weather is waming up. I’ve left my coat at home the past two days, opting to wear a sweater instead. Our flower bulbs are poking their heads up from the soil.
I like this time of the year. We made it through another winter – growth and rebirth is occuring, and we can finally shut off the furnace (almost)!
Life is good!

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  1. Ella Vader

    Life is good with Spam in a Pie Iron over a fire while wearing a Shamwow! knowing that it has a 10 year guarantee and can hold 20x’s it’s weight in water with some good friends that you know wouldn’t eat you if you were stranded on a mountainside in the Andes because you’ve mushroom tripped one too many times wondering why Joe’s pipe looks like a torpedo from WWII and why the sky has a very definitive crease line from horizon to horizon but I digress, yeah, life is good.